Ordering Information

There are a series of steps you will go through to get a prop or any other cosplay item from me.

1. Request a Price Quote - Send an email off to me at ditto125@gmail.com with the following things:
A picture of the prop that is being made (I would prefer several pictures, including a picture of the character holding the prop in question).
If you happen to possibly have any suggestions as to how to make the prop that can be included
List all the details you would like on the prop in the message, like if you ask for a Harkonnen cannon then you would want to state if you want the ammo chamber to open, etc.
The Zip code I will be shipping this to will be needed for a price quote, as well as preferred shipping method.
Leave your contact information as well, in the off chance that the email header is discarded by one of the servers.

2. Once you get your price quote then you may discuss the prop in more detail, you can contact me though several messengers and the contact addresses will be sent to you if you request a price quote. In this stage we can discuss payment methods, etc.

3. If we come to agreement and I make your prop then I will ask for part of the money before I start making it, this will also be discussed and depending on the cost I may ask for a different percentage. Once I start then I will update you regularly and send you picture updates so you can make sure your prop is coming along nicely.

4. YAY! your Prop is shipped out! You will receive conformation from me when I ship it, along with a tracking number if possible. when you get the prop take a look at it, if there is damage then contact me and I may be able to help you with a quick fix.